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About IF

IF CAPITAL is a private equity focusing on the fast growing, high potential new economy markets of North America and China.


As a financial institution serving the new economy, IF CAPITAL offers services including early stage startup consulting, private equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, equity investments, pre listing tutoring and more. We strive to provide a complete suite of financial solutions across the markets of both North America and China for North American new economy entrepreneurs and investors.

IF CAPITAL was established in November 2020. Headquartering in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Beijing, China. Various new economy companies in their growth stage is currently being signed and served under the professional care of our team. IF Capital leads dual currency private equity funds as well as specialty funds with multiple unicorn potential companies under management.

Team Member

Business Guidelines

An Investment Bank that Priortizes Customers
Sustained value creation for customers. We value our customers’ service quality and growth potential rather than just short term commercial value.

Meeting Unique Customer Needs 

We adhere to innovation principles and strive to provide the most creative solutions for every one of our customers.

Commitment to Trust and Reputation 

Human resources and financial capital are both of great importance to us, but brand reputation is our most precious asset. We are committed to uphold our actions under policies, laws and moral compasses of the highest standards.

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