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Confident Businessman
Confident Businesswoman
Business Woman
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Position: New Economy Investment Analyst

Location: Toronto


1.   Assist team leader in conducting in-depth industry research. Analyze and evaluate industry trends, latest activities, opportunities and candidates, draft up quality analytics reports.

2.   Participate in the development, selection and negotiation process of investment projects in related fields (Internet and consumer markets).

3.   Participate in project due diligence, expert interview, risk assessment and provide investment recommendation report. Participate in the implementation and negotiation of projects.  

4.   Responsible for following up on post investment management, organize resource allocation, push projects forwards and maintaining relationships of projects.

Job Requirements:

1.   Passionate about investment, strong curiosity and eagerness to learn. Strong interest for internet technology and consumer markets. Driven to explore and research.

2.   Excellent cooperation abilities, strong communication and interpersonal skills.

3.   Solid fundamental skills in report writing, model building and financial knowledge, related experiences are preferred.

4.   Possesses integrity and honesty, follows long-term thinking principles.

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Dotted Background

Position: Capital Market Manager

Location: Toronto, Beijing


1.   In depth analysis of industry development trends and company long term value for currently listed projects. Support the exit decision making and execution of funds.

2.   Assist the team in following and supporting core invested companies’ listing related operations.

3.   Follow through on invested projects’ operations, organize post investment review, collect and analyze their operational and financial data. Assist funds in their post investment management tasks.

4.   Coordinate various investment firm and capital market resources。

Job Requirements:

1.   4-6 years of broker or fund analyst, researcher experience; or 4-6 years of Big Four accounting firm transaction service experience; or other private equity fund post investment and capital market related work experience; Experience in new economy projects is preferred.

2.   Full time bachelor’s degree and higher, accounting/finance/law related majors are preferred.

3.   Strong data analytics skills, solid knowledge foundation in the field, strong execution capabilities, detailed oriented, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.

4.   Proficient in using Excel, PowerPoint and other Office suite softwares.

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